Plastic Barriers

The barriers are an advanced one-piece, seamless plastic product that serves as a means of diverting, securing, and blocking the flow of oncoming pedestrians, vehicles, ballistics, and other potentially dangerous encounters. The barricades are designed to be stronger and more durable than our competitors, yet still be cosmetically pleasing. That, combined with our customer-oriented focus, makes us the premier barrier supplier in the industry.

The safety barricade system consists of specialty barricades that are superior in strength and quality to the competition. We use a superior rotationally molded process using recyclable polyethylene. This allows our barricades to be lightweight and impact resistant.


-Structurally sound
-Drain plugs
-Variety of colors
-Screw-on fill caps and lids
-Compatible with square bolt-on or round screw-in lights
-Easily relocated
-Lower labor costs
-Impact resistant
-Allows for application flexibility
-UV and long-term fade resistant
-Larger barriers accept fencing
-Withstands harsh treatment during installation and relocation
-Ballastable with water or sand
-Pre-molded attachment areas for lights and flags
-Long lasting visual appeal
-Composed of recyclable material
-Deployable by one or two people
-Quick installation and removal
-No heavy equipment needed, but forklift accessible
-Uniform wall thickness with thicker corners and edges

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