Multi-Gate Outdoor Expandable Portable Barricade

  • Durable
  • Weather-Resistant
  • Lightweight
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The Ideal Outdoor Expandable and Portable Barricade

This portable barricade is designed for outdoor use. The expandable barrier gate can extend up to 7.5 feet and collapse to a remarkable 6 inches, making it pretty easy to store.

Ensure the safety of your workforce, pedestrians, and other visitors around work areas like schools & universities, parking garages, outdoor festivals, construction zones, etc.

We at Highway Signals – a leading online wholesaler of traffic supplies – stock expandable barriers and gates of the highest quality.

The expandable portable barricade is packed with impressive features 

Our selection of affordable and dependable traffic barricades at discounted wholesale prices are thoughtfully designed to restrict access and keep your property and people safe. Customers rely on us for the high quality, low price, and long-lasting durability of our products like Multi Gate expandable barrier gates, temporary plastic barricades, and portable steel barricades

The lightweight, scissor-style expandable barricade is the ideal portable safety barricade that is easy to store and easier to install due to its sheer compact size.

Common Multi-Gate Uses:

Multi-Gate Outdoor Expandable Portable Barricade In Use At An Outdoor Event

Outdoor Events

Multi-Gate Outdoor Collapsible Barricade Used To Block Off A Parking Garage

Parking Garages

Multi-Gate Portable Expanding Outdoor Barricade In Use At A Construction Site

Construction / Work Zones


Its small size is not the only advantage of the extendable and versatile portable barricade! Among its many impressive features are:


  • Manufactured from Durable Plastic – Can be used for years, requires no maintenance, and costs much less than similar collapsible barriers
  • Weather-Resistant to Water, Heat, and Electricity
  • Designed specifically for outdoor use
  • To enhance stability, you can fill it with water or sand
  • Covered in reflective sheeting with 52 reflective strips for increased night visibility
  • Extremely lightweight and portable – an empty multi-gate weighs just 15 lbs.
  • Optional reflectors are available for even more visibility

Multi-Gate Outdoor Expandable Barrier Specifications

Our inventory is constantly being replenished with expandable portable barricades. For assistance in selecting the right solution for your needs, give us a call at (800) 448-2647 today to consult with one of our U.S. based Product Specialists and receive personalized assistance.



The Multi-Gate Outdoor Expandable Barricade is an indispensable safety device for industrial plants of all kinds. The products heat and electrical resistance, as well as its ability to withstand water, have made it a hit with manufacturers (in all industries) across the country. Recent purchasers of the Multi-Gate include:

  • Lockheed Martin Astronautics - Littleton CO
  • Northrup Grumman Corp. - Palmdale CA
  • NASA Langley Research Center - Hampton VA
  • R. Grace and Co. - Sulphur, LA
  • Saint-Gobain - Sapulpa, OK
  • Ford Motor Company - Flatrock, MI
  • US Zinc - Houston TX
  • Trane - La Crosse, WI


The Multi-Gate’s portability and ease of use have led to its popularity within the Armed Forces. Easily carried by one person, the Multi-Gate is great for quickly marking off dangerous and/or off-limits areas.  Some recent military purchasers include:

  • US Army SVAD - White Sands, NM
  • US Army Core of Engineers - Copan, OK
  • 59th Ordinance Brigade – Fort Lee, VA
  • Naval Support Facility – Thurmont, MD
  • Garrison Petawawa– Petawawa, Ontario


The Multi-Gate’s physical characteristics make it the perfect product for use in extreme environments. Consequently, it has been consistently picked up by energy companies and their affiliates. The users of the Multi-Gate in the energy sector range from power plants, to service crews, to facility maintenance workers.

  • Duke Energy Company (Catawba Nuclear Station) – York, SC
  • Tennessee Valley Authority (Kingston Fossil Plant) – Harriman, TN
  • Pipeline Supply and Service – Houston, TX
  • Pacific Gas & Electric – Avila Beach, CA
  • AECOM Environmental (Collinsville) – Collinsville, IL


One of the Multi-Gate’s most common uses is in the education sector. From elementary schools to universities, the Multi-Gate’s compact storage size and ease of use, combined with the relative safety provided by its plastic shell (that won’t cut or scratch nosy children) make it uniquely suited for use by teachers, janitors, and public safety officers alike. Whether its stored in a classroom closet or squad car trunk, the  Multi-Gate always provides a quick and effective demarcation tool.

  • UC Boulder – Boulder, CO
  • UCONN Police Department – Mansfield, CT
  • Newport Mesa School District – Costa Mesa, CA
  • Cardigan Mountain School – Canaan, NH
  • Corinth Classical Academy – Corinth, TX


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