Temporary Construction Fencing

Welded Wire Panel Perimeter Patrol
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Welded Wire Panel Fencing Secure With A Tie Down Base

Welded Wire Panel Fencing Secured With A Tie Down Base


Create a sturdy perimeter around your construction or work site with Perimeter Patrol Welded Wire Panels from Highway Signals. Each panel is powder coated for maximum visibility and can stack on a truck for easy transport and storage.

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Welded Wire Panels Sold In A Pallet

Buy In Bulk And Save – We Offer Discounted Pricing If Temporary Fence Panels Are Bought By The Pallet

Yellow Powder Coated Temporary Fence Pallet

Yellow Powder Coated Temporary Fence Pallet

Black Powder Coated Temporary Fence Pallet

Black Powder Coated Temporary Fence Pallet

Temporary Fencing Accessories 

Cable Drive Rod

Cable Drive Rod - Welded Wire Panels Accessory The cable drive rod offers additional support to keep the welded wire fence panels from moving.

Cable Ground Rod

Cable Drive Ground - Perimeter Patrol Accessory Cable ground anchors offer additional support to keep the welded wire fence panels from moving.

Ground Base Weights

Ground Base Weights - Welded Wire Panels Accessory Add more stability to your welded wire panel fence system with base weights.  These weights fit over the ground bases to weigh them down, making the system more stable.

Ground Spike Anchor

Ground Spike Anchor - Welded Wire Panels Accessory  Drive into ground through base hole for added stability.

Swing Gate Wheel

Swing Gate Wheel - Temporary Construction Fencing Accessory Creating a gate in your fenced in perimeter is as simple as adding a swing gate wheel to one of your panels.

Welded Wire Panel Pallet

Empty Pallet Used To Ship And Transport Welded Wire Panel Temporary Fencing For Perimeter Patrol Pallets eliminate the need to handle fence panels individually.  Each pallet can hold up to 210 feet of fencing and hardware.

View Pallet Specifications

  • Each Pallet holds 28 fence panels – 210 linear feet of fence
  • A forklift can lift a pallet into a flatbed or pick-up truck, resulitng in safe, easy loading and moving of panels and parts to and from the job site.
  • Pallet design allows easy access to panels for loading and unloading.
  • Pallet Dimensions: 42″ wide x 90″ long x 801″ high
  • Removable hardware basket included
  • Saves space on site or in storage

No-Climb Panel

No-Climb Panel Temporary Fence Accessory

Add another foot of height to your temporary fence. Attaches at a 45-degree angle.

50 Foot Wind Screen Roll

Windscreen Roll For Perimeter Patrol Temporary Construction Fencing

• Black roll of windscreen 50′ x 6′• Grommets located every 18″• Edges are sewn

Vertical and Horizontal Connectors for No-Climb Extension Panel

No Climb Extension Panel Connectors

Attach your No-Climb Extension Panel with a straight vertical connector or at a 45-degree angle with a horizontal connector