Putting the “Smart” in Smart Work Zones:

Smart Zone

SolarTech’s real-time workzone ITS software – Smart Zone

Smart Zone
Thanks to our aging infrastructure, road work will continue to be a source of congestion, frustration, crashes and delays. To ensure the safety of both motorists and workers, proactive management of work zone operations has lead to increasing use of ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems).
Smart Zone is Solar Technology’s ITS workzone software that takes real-time data from sensors (volume, speed, queue detection), processes and analyzes it, and makes it available to Project Managers to enhance mobility in and around work zones. The data can be used to calm traffic, to alert motorists to changing conditions, to allow construction vehicle in and out of the zone, and to suggest alternate routes or alter work schedules.
Smart Zone Is Solar Technology’s Its Workzone Software
Highway Construction
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Best of all, the data provided by Smart Zone can be used to create, store and schedule messages without third party programming. The software includes simple condition-and-response choices that allow you to create scenarios tied to real-time data. You can schedule messages that slow traffic during peak traffic volumes, control merging and archive a log of what was displayed and when. Establish rules that govern automatically, or manually override messages for emergencies or other exceptions.

Learn more about ITS and Smart Zone. Call your SolarTech rep to learn how Smart Zone can be used to comply with ITS requirements.

US DOT “Work Zone Intelligent Transportation Systems Implementation Guide”

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