Control your Boards from your Desktop or Mobile Device

Command Center is the ultimate tool for traffic safety equipment fleet management. With Command Center, you can manage, monitor and segment your fleet from your office computer (Windows, Linux or Mac). Command Center allows you to improve worker and driver safety, limit liability, and make more efficient use of time by organizing and managing your fleet from one central location.

Especially valuable for owners of large fleets of equipment, this software allows you to know exactly where each unit is at any moment. You can also check battery levels, change sign messages or check maintenance records without going on-site.

Command Center Screenshot
Command Center Screenshot1
With Command Center, you can:
  • Locate each board and panel using GPS
  • Create, delete or change messages remotely
  • Share messages between units
  • Check battery status, and cellular or GPS reception
  • Access logs of the messages displayed
  • Broadcast a message to multiple units simultaneously (i.e., Amber Alerts)
  • See energy generation and usage
  • Get notified if communication status changes
  • Segment by job, type of sign, location of the sign, and/or by user access
  • Test sign panel modules

Download Command Center Mobile App

Command Center Mobile Companion is a faster way to access the fleet management software included on all SolarTech traffic safety signs. The app enables you to access Command Center using a simple 4-digit pin number, replacing the slower browser-website-username-password login procedure.

The app is free. Here are the links:

Download for Apple devices

Download for Android devices