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A Complete Inventory of Highway and Traffic Portable Road Barricades

Portable Road Barricades ensure the safety of your staff, pedestrians, and other visitors around a work area. These work areas may include highways, construction zones, airport projects, etc. where the law requires you to install appropriate road barriers that meet state and federal safety regulations.

We at Highway Signals – the leading wholesale traffic supplies store on the web – carry a large selection of portable road barricades in various sizes, styles, and materials such as plastic, steel, or wood.

Portable Road Barricades meet most MUTCD standards and regulations 

The FHWA requires that all roadside equipment, such as traffic barriers, barrier terminals and crash cushions, bridge railings, sign, and light pole supports, and work zone hardware used on the American highways meet the crashworthy performance criteria outlined in the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Report 350.

Our selection of essential traffic barricades at discounted wholesale prices meets most of the necessary MUTCD standards and regulations. Customers rely on us for the high quality, low price, and long-lasting durability of our premium road barriers

Our inventory includes the following types of barricades:

Type 1 Barricade 

Type I barricades are portable barriers with a single, reflective bar across the top. Type I barriers are primarily used on low-speed city roads or in other urban areas. Available in various colors and materials.

Type 2 Barricade 

Type II barricades are foldable barriers with two reflective bars across the top. They are typically used in high-speed traffic zones like highways and many work zones. 

Multiple Type 1 barricades and Type 2 barricades can be used to create a channelizer.

Type 3 Barricades

These large traffic barricades have three boards outfitted with reflective sheeting for maximum visibility. They are commonly used to completely or partially close a section of the road. A type III barricade can be positioned across a road or from curb to curb. Road closure signs can also be mounted on these huge barriers.

A Frame Barricades

Also known as Saw Horse Barriers, these wooden or plastic portable road barricades consist of two A-shaped end pieces and one or two boards placed in-between. Typically easy to move and deploy, they are ideal for emergency situations. Many police departments use A-Frames for pedestrian and crowd control.

Multi-Gate Expandable barrier

A lightweight, scissor-style barricade, it is the ideal portable expanding safety barricade due to its compact size.

We are constantly adding to our inventory of road barricades. If you need assistance selecting the right solution, give us a call at (800) 448-2647 today to discuss your requirements with one of our U.S. based Product Specialists and get personalized support.

Look Through Our 4 Major Types of Traffic Barriers and Portable Road Barricades

Type I & II Barriers

Type I Barricades with upper reflective sheeting and Type II Barricades with sheeting on both boards. Available in several color and material combinations.

Type III Barricades

Type III Barricdes are larger conventional traffic barriers. These barricades have three boards outfitted with reflective sheeting for maximum visibility.

A-Frame Barricades

A-Frame Barricades or Saw Horse Barriers are wooden or plastic traffic barriers consisting of two A-shaped end pieces and one or two boards placed in-between.

MultiGate Portable Barrier

The Multi-Gate Expandable portable rod barricade is a lightweight, scissor-style barricade. Due to its portability, the Multi-Gate is the ideal portable expanding safety barricade.