Type III Traffic Barricades

Three Board Highway Barricades with Reflective Sheeting
Telespar Type Iii Barrricade With Telespar Feet 2


Type 3 barricades are the best choice when you want to completely or partially block a road or a sidewalk. These types of barricades are designed with reflective sheeting for added visibility.

HighwaySignals stocks Type III Barricades in a wide range of styles, sheeting, and materials such as plastic, steel, or wood at wholesale bulk prices.

The sizes of the type III barricades range from 48″ to 144″, which allows you to find one that suits your needs. These traffic barrier types help create a safe working environment for your workers, pedestrians, and motorists near work areas on freeways, construction projects, airports, etc where it is mandatory to set up suitable road barriers that meet state and federal safety regulations.

Large Type 3 barricades provide greater stability and visibility than Type I and Type II barricades. As such, they can improve highway and construction crew safety. It may be worthwhile to install optional barricade lights to increase visibility in low light or night conditions. Road hazard warning signs can also be mounted on these high-quality barriers.

Type 3 Barricades comply with MUTCD standards 

Our extensive range of type III barricades at discounted wholesale prices comply with relevant MUTCD standards and regulations. Our customers count on us for a wide range, high quality, low price, prompt delivery, excellent durability, and above all, our unwavering commitment to customer service. We are dedicated to maintaining long-term relationships with our customers.

We are constantly adding to our inventory of type 3 barricades. If you need assistance selecting the right solution, give us a call at (800) 448-2647 today to discuss your requirements with one of our U.S. based Product Specialists and get personalized support.