Manual Lift Barrier Gate Arm

  • Prevents vehicles from entering or exiting through designated areas.
  • Operates without the need for an electrical source.
  • Counterbalanced technology reduces the effort needed to lift the gate arm.
  • Manual Lift Barrier Gate Arm can be secured in the raised or lowered positions with a padlock for enhanced security.
  • Installation is straightforward using the pre-drilled mounting plate; simply bolt onto a concrete roadway or pad.

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Control Access Effortlessly and Economically with Our Manual Lift Barrier Gate Arms

Our Manual Lift Barrier Arm is a manually operated, counterweighted barrier used to control vehicle access in various settings such as parking lots, roadways, and warehouses. This barrier is ideal for quickly and cost-effectively restricting access to traffic lanes or entry/exit points and can be operated by security personnel or as needed.

The barrier features a steel pedestal with a 15" x 15" base, steel counterweights, and a steel operating handle, all powder-coated in standard safety colors of red, white, or yellow (custom colors available). It is designed with a 2.375" steel receiver that accommodates a 2" OD round aluminum barrier arm. The aluminum arm is powder-coated white and includes red and white alternating reflective striping along both sides for enhanced visibility.

The T-LB lift barrier is delivered complete with a base, suitable counterweights for the arm's length, and an ergonomically designed handle to facilitate easy lifting and lowering. It can be securely locked at the pedestal in both raised and lowered positions using a locking pin or padlock provided by the customer, thanks to the integrated locking tabs.

Manual Lift Barrier Gate Arm Details:

  • Arm lengths available from 12 to 30 feet.
  • Pendulum Support or Lift Barrier Receiving Tip Support Post required for arms over 16 feet.
  • Cable Truss Support included on all arms 20 feet and over.
  • Constructed from heavy-duty steel, welded by AWS Certified Welders.
  • Round Aluminum Arm, powder-coated white, features 11" red / 7" white DOT-C2 ORALIT(Reflexite) Reflective Conspicuity Tape on both sides, full length. 10-year tape durability.
  • Barrier arm height at 42" from the ground.
  • Standard color is Safety Red; other colors available for an additional fee.
  • Surface mounted with 15" x 15" x 3/8" base plates, pre-drilled for easy installation.
  • Manual Lift Barrier Gate Arms are cost-effective and easy to replace—simply call to order, and we will ship directly to you.
  • For arms longer than 12 feet, sections are connected with an aluminum tube insert, bolt-secured, ensuring a snug fit and uniform diameter throughout.

*Ask about out pad accessory to add some protection to your Manual Lift Barrier Gate Arm.


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