Road Blade Surface Mount Traffic Spike System

A Surface mount traffic spike system also serves as a speed bump to slow down the flow of traffic to the recommended 5 MPH.

Our Directional Surface Mount Traffic Spike System: Ensuring Controlled Traffic Flow with Enhanced Security

Our cutting-edge Directional Surface Mount Traffic Spike System is specifically designed to effectively control traffic in a single direction, providing enhanced security measures. With this system in place, vehicles are permitted to enter but strictly prohibited from exiting, as attempting to do so would result in severe tire damage.

Equipped with spring-loaded spikes, our system ensures effortless operation. When vehicles pass over the system in the correct direction, the spikes easily retract, allowing a smooth and uninterrupted flow. However, if any vehicle attempts to pass over the system in the opposite (incorrect) direction, the spikes remain in an upward position, effectively puncturing the tires and preventing unauthorized entry.

This innovative solution offers an added layer of security and control, preventing unauthorized access and deterring wrong-way traffic. By implementing our Directional Spike System, you can enhance safety measures and maintain a secure environment in restricted areas, parking lots, or any location where controlled traffic flow is crucial.

Invest in our Directional Spike System today and experience a reliable and effective solution for regulating traffic movement. With our advanced technology and robust construction, you can confidently safeguard your premises while ensuring a smooth and controlled flow of vehicles in the designated direction.

In Ground Spike In Use

  • Easily installed to the existing roadway. Bolt or Glue Down
  • No excavating or asphalt cutting is required.
  • Low profile for smooth passage. 4" Overall Height. 2" H Teeth & 2" H Ramp
  • Fabricated in 3 Ft. Sections to customize lane width.
  • All welded construction.
  • 1/4" thick hot rolled steel for "lasting durability".
  • Stainless Steel Torsion Springs
  • Latch down Mechanism Included

Detail Drawing

Surface Mount Traffic Spike System Detail Drawing

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