Heating Cable Assembly

  • Fully Terminated and Moisture Proof
  • Digital Thermostat
  • Efficient Heating Capacity

Keep Your Road Blade Traffic Spikes Free From Snow with Our Heating Cable Assembly

The Stainless Steel heating cable assembly is a comprehensive and effective system designed for ice and snow melting, featuring several key components and specifications:

  • Fully Terminated and Moisture Proof: The heating cable assembly is completely set up and resistant to moisture, ensuring durability and efficiency. It is easily installed inside the spike housing to melt snow and ice, guaranteeing safe operation in freezing temperatures. A 120VAC power source is necessary for its function.
  • Digital Thermostat: This component is crucial for controlling the on/off states of the heater cable system. It offers flexibility in installation, as it can be mounted inside a nearby building or housed in a weather-resistant box and post-mounted near the driveway area.
  • Efficient Heating Capacity: The system provides 15 watts per linear foot, which is ample to melt snow and ice. Importantly, it is designed to ensure that the spike plates do not become hot enough to burn skin if touched.

Works with both our Road Blade Surface Mount and In-Ground Traffic Spike Systems.