Road Blade Heavy Duty In-Ground Traffic Spike System

Powder Coated Red – Teeth are Powder Coated Yellow


In-Ground Traffic Spike System - Heavy Duty

Road Blade Heavy Duty In-Ground Traffic Spike System is installed flush with the road surface for a low profile allowing smooth passage.

The in-ground flush-mounted traffic spike system is versatile and suitable for both commercial and residential applications. It proves particularly beneficial for managing low-profile traffic effectively. When using this product, it is highly recommended to install speed bumps. Additionally, it is important to ensure a safe speed of 5 MPH when crossing any directional control traffic spike.

Powder coating in red provides a durable finish that surpasses traditional paint. This long-lasting coating offers superior resistance against scratches, chips, fading, and rust. Additionally, the teeth, coated in a vibrant yellow powder, also benefit from enhanced durability.

Rb72 Above Ground Spike In Use

  • Easily installed in to the existing or newly-constructed roadway.
  • Low profile for smooth passage.
  • Fabricated in 3 Ft. sections to customize lane width.
  • 1/2" thick hot rolled steel for lasting durability.
  • Rated for Heavy Duty Axle Loads
  • Ready to accept heater cable system
  • Latch down Mechanism Included

Detail Drawing

Heavy Duty In-Ground Traffic Spike System Detail Drawing

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