MB 32×72 JSS

Height: 32″ / 30.5cm
Length: 72″ / 30.5cm
Width: 24″ / 30.5cm

Available Sizes:

  • Regular .20″ wall (64 lbs empty)
  • HD .275″ wall (89 lbs empty)
  • HD135 .375″ wall (135 lbs empty)

Capacity: 120 gal

Useful Life: Minimum 8 years on average

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Portable and Effective

This portable plastic barricade is ideal for perimeter delineation, crowd control, construction sites, and parking areas. Extremely durable, once positioned, barricades are very difficult to move. The MB 32×72 JSS is lighter and more easialy deployed than concrete road barriers. Typical deployments include security, ACP (Access Control Points), traffic control approaches, stand-off zones, perimeter / boundary lines, and hazardous material spills. Can be set up to create and interconnected wall with no gaps. Available in approved OSHA colors. Stanchions can be utilized with snow fencing or chain link to create a secure zone.

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