CC 42×96

42″H x 96″L x 2.5″W

33 lbs.
.125″ thick wall
Available in blue, green, red, sliver and yellow
Patent #6,676,113; Patent #7,540,682 B1; Patent #D599,488

Useful Life: Minimum 8 years on average

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CC 42x96 Stacking Revenue Generating Device

These crowd control barricades have many terrific features, including their ability to display revenue generating graphics and signage on brightly colored backgrounds. This display area can be used to generate revenue for your organization! What is the ROI of your current crowd control devices? The display is 36″ W x 28.5″ H. Signs with logos, sponsorship messaging, and directions can be displayed. The possibilities are virtually unlimited. They were also the Rocky Mountain Festivals and Events Association 2001 Innovator Award Best New Product.

Easy Setup, Easy Storage

Our barricade is easy to set up and for storage the patented rotating foot allows the barricade to be stored in a flat pack on a skid, and also allows for adjustment on uneven surfaces! Pretty cool, huh? The foot is physically attached to the barricade and cannot be misplaced. Inserting flying flags or banners is quick and easy, simply insert your choice of stanchion into the barricade’s extra attachment hole. Attach your flag or banner and you’re done!

Ballast Up for Additional Stability and Weight

Although the CC 42×96 is very stable as is, these barricades can be ballasted with up to 3 gallons of water (outdoor use) for additional weight and stability, adding approximately 25 lbs of weight. If there is still concern over wind, the barricades can be set at a slight angle in a zigzag formation, or a 3rd barricade may be added at intervals for additional stability. In addition, if on unpaved surfaces, a post can be driven through the auxiliary hole into the ground to provide a highly secure fence. If you need even more security, a hold can be drilled in the pin from top to bottom, and a bolt can be inserted through the pin and the barricade can be locked with a nut to prevent disconnection by hooligans! We made this up as a few of us are currently hooligans!

Please see our videos below for instructions on utilizing these features. When you are ready to leave the site, you should see the CC 42x96 in the movie Peloton. Show the cool guys some love and Visit The Site Here. It’s a feature film about cycling written and directed by John Lawrence.

What Does Your Barricade’s Carbon Footprint Look Like?

Plastic barricades made from recycled plastic carry a much smaller carbon footprint than its clunky predecessor, the steel barricade. When your steel barricade is manufactured it goes through a process called galvanization. The galvanization process has been linked worldwide to environmental hazards. Although controls have been put in place in most modernized countries to curb this effect, those controls cost money to the supplier – so if you find a low priced steel barricade most likely it is galvanized somewhere the controls are not implemented because low price of galvanized steel and environmentally responsible galvanization of steel are generally opposites.

One of the main issues with galvanization is the waste water runoff. During the galvanizing process, steel undergoes a pickling process. The pickling process involves immersing product material through a series of tanks to clean and prepare the material prior to immersion in a molten zinc bath. Two major sources of wastewater are generated from the galvanizing process: waste acid and acidic rinse water. Waste acid is generated as a result of a buildup of iron and other impurities in the acid which greatly reduces its effectiveness for pickling. The acid must be disposed of properly which takes up landfill space and if it is not disposed of properly it causes environmental damage. Acid rinse waters from the galvanizing process are acidic and contain low metals. This water is in the same situation as the acid; even if disposed of to a treatment plant still produces a sludge that has to be deposited in landfills. Lastly, zinc is used in the galvanization process. Zinc processing produces air emissions and solid waste emissions. The emissions include articulates, zinc fumes, volatile metals, flux fumes and smoke, rubber, plastics and zinc scrap.

When our plastic barricade is produced we use all of the plastic and if there is excess material that is not used it is melted and becomes part of the next barricade. In the production of plastic barricades there are no acids, harmful fumes or substances associated in the birth of our plastic barricades. When the life of the barricade is over you can melt the barricade down to be used for other recycled plastic items. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle!

In addition to the environmental benefits associated with buying a green product, the plastic barricades will not bend or rust. They are also much safety and won’t cause painful foot, ankle, and finger injuries.

Are Your Barricades Beaten Up?

If your barricades are beat up and broken, or stored in an unsightly pack, consider the advantages of easy-to-store, heavy duty plastic barricades. You’ll be glad for the upgrade. And you can make money with advertising on the sign panels!


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