AR 3

Height: 12″ / 30.5 cm
Length: 12″ / 30.5 cm
Width: 12″ / 30.5 cm
Wall: .20″ / 5.08 cm
Weight: Empty: 5.4 lbs. / 2.45 kg
Weight: Full: 45.4 lbs. / 20.6 kg

Color: Orange

Features Include: Integrated screw-in light and flag holes, easy to store with stacking protrusions, molded-in handle, USA made, 100% frangible, AR reflective sheeting ready, and 100% FOD free system.

Useful Life: Minimum 8 years on Average

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The AR 3 is 100% FOD Free

When the AR 3 is used with OTW Safety’s AR Flag and C01 Light you create the perfect environment to be 100% FOD Free. What does that mean? It’s safer for you and everyone working on the job site.

What is FOD?

Foreign Object Damage (FOD) is damage caused by Foreign Object Debris (also abbreviated FOD), i.e. a substance, debris or article alien to a vehicle or system that has potential to cause damage. The “Damage” term was prevalent in military circles, but has since been pre-empted by a definition of FOD that looks at the “debris”. This shift was made “official” in the latest FAA Advisory Circulars FAA A/C 150/5220-24 ‘Airport Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Detection Equipment’ (2009) and FAA A/C 150/5210-24 ‘Airport Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Management’. Eurocontrol, ECAC, and the ICAO have all rallied behind this new definition. As Iain McCreary of Insight SRI put it in a presentation to NAPFI (August 2010), “You can have debris present without damage, but never damage without debris.” Likewise, FOD prevention systems work by sensing and detecting not the damage but the actual debris. Thus FOD is now taken to mean the debris itself, and the resulting damage is referred to as “FOD damage.”

*Meets FAA A/C 150/5370-2E


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