RAR 24×96

24″H x 96″L x 14″W

50 lbs. empty, 675 lbs. full
.20″ thick heavy duty polyethylene wall
NSN# 5660-01-469-7542
Patent# D569,992

Useful Life: Minimum 8 years on average

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Work-zone Delineation

If you need to maintain a substantial yet low-profile boundary around a work site, the RAR24x96 is for you. Slightly larger than the RAR10x96, this barricade is ideal for settings where more vertical height and substance are required. Extremely easy to set up, these barricades are only 50 lbs. empty but at 675 lbs. filled with water, they are a durable, no-maintenance-required answer to work zone delineation. Our modular design allows the barricades to be connected quickly and easily to form a tamper-proof, inseparable wall that can withstand jet blast. They are extremely durable.

These barricades are AIP eligible (Approved for purchase with AIP funds), meet FAA Requirements (FAA Advisory Circular 150/5370-2F approved), and are quick and easy to position using a simple forklift.


These barricades are modular and easy to assemble, disassemble and nest for storage. You may alternate orange and white barricades for more visual contrast and they are designed to prevent access to hazardous work areas and/or runways by forming a continuous wall. Additionally, a fence can be attached using center post inserts.


There are many applications for a tough, sturdy barricade. Some additional benefits are using the barricades because they are compatible with lights and fencing. The barricades are an easy set-up and saves time and labor costs. They are also highly stable, easy to move when empty, and include an innovative stackable design for easy storage. The RAR 24×96 is superior in safety and requires minimal maintenance.

*Meets requirements of FAA Advisory Circular 150/5370-2F.
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