Movit®️ Plastic Pedestrian Barricade

• Manufactured in polypropylene
• Recyclable
• Does not rust
• Can span uneven terrain
• Lightweight and easy to handle
• Quick interlinking units
• No removable feet – no weak points
• Customizable

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Movit®️ Plastic Pedestrian Barricades For Crowd Control and Management

The Premier Plastic Crowd Control Solution in the US Market

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, the Movit® barricade's patented design (U.S. Patent No. 9,771,736) is the most visually appealing pedestrian barricade available today. As an attractive and affordable alternative to steel barricades, this barricade stands out with its stanchion compatibility and unique one-piece design featuring interlocking ends, ensuring a strong and durable crowd control experience.

Made from a strengthened polypropylene formula, this plastic pedestrian barricade is recyclable, environmentally friendly, and resistant to rust, chipping, and scratching. Its unique double-sided locking mechanism even allows it to span uneven ground. Lightweight and easy for work crews to handle, these plastic barriers weigh just under 26 lbs but can effectively manage crowds and lines.

Available in a variety of popular colors, the Movit® barrier also features a built-in plug-and-play branding area, perfect for marketing, advertising, and safety messaging. With these advantages, it's no wonder that this barricade has been successfully used at hundreds of prominent events worldwide.

Benefits Of Movit Barricades

Why is the Movit®️ barricade better than other plastic barricades with movable parts and/or removable feet?

The Movit®️ barricade is the only one-piece plastic barricade on the market, and it is also the strongest plastic barricade on the market. Barricades with removable feet and moving parts have significant weak points built into their design.

When storing, moving, and using such barricades, the feet often break, close unintentionally, or simply fall off. These barriers are also inherently much more unstable.

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