MB 42×45 LCD O

Federally Accepted LCD

Made in the USA / Recycled Product / Customizable

42″H x 45″L x 23.5″W

45 lbs. empty
.156″ thick high density
polyethylene wall
NSN# 5660-01-469-753
Patent #6,086,285; Patent #2,254,190;
Patent #217140; Patent #D533,281;
Patent #7,588,387

Useful Life: Minimum 8 years on average

Ballast with 8 gallons of water when in use on federal highways (110 lbs). Otherwise, fill with as much as 88 gallons of water (760 lbs).
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What Is An LCD?

A Longitudinal Channelizing Barricade (LCD) is a federally-designated type of traffic barricade. LCDs are designed to provide visual guidance for motorists and pedestrians. They do not provide positive protection. An LCD fills the void in safety between the hazard that concrete barrier posses to motorists versus the gaps in lines of drums that allow vehicles and pedestrians into the work zone!

In order to be designated an LCD and be certified for use on a job site, a device must pass NCHRP-350 crash test requirements and the manufacturer must be issued a Federal Acceptance Letter (and be able to produce it on request).

When you need a longitudinal channelizing device and you want to save money, consider the MB 42×45! It is designed to be light and small so that one person can set up a road closure or taper, but can be filled with 110 lbs of water to prevent it from being displaced.

Concrete Barriers? No Way!

Just remember, you don’t have to use a concrete jersey barrier in all construction zones! The (Roadside) Design Guide calls for concrete barriers to be used only under two circumstances:

When it is less dangerous for vehicle occupants to impact the concrete barrier than to collide with a hazard behind the barrier, or
to prevent an errant vehicle from penetrating a zone where workers are at risk. Deploying concrete barrier systems at work sites simply as a channelizing/delineating fence device is poor practice and creates an unnecessary hazard in itself.

Best-Priced Water Barricade on the Market!

You’ll be surprised at the linear-foot value compared to other certified LCD products. Reflective panels and warning lights will easily attach to barricades. They are also perfect for displaying signs, and with water ballast they won’t tip over. Easy to ship and to store, the MB42×45 LCD is the best-priced LCD on the market. They are multi-purpose and have been used (for applications ranging from emergency management as hurricane barriers in hurricane-prone areas to sign display billboards for ski racing).


Freezing of the water inside the barricades will not damage them, however, these devices have not been crash tested with frozen water and one would think that a frozen LCD would be hazardous to motorists. In addition, they are more difficult to move when frozen. Cryotech is an environmentally-friendly solution that prevents water ballast in barricades from freezing in cold temperatures. Visit cryotech.com for more info.

Safety and Benefits

  • Much easier to set up than concrete.
  • Requires no additional hardware or parts and forms an interlocking wall in any configuration.
  • Due to their visibility and imposing nature, drivers respect these devices.
  • Widely-spaced folding barricades, drums and cones are often confusing. LCD’s positive visual delineation by forming a wall.
  • LCD’s keep drivers & pedestrians from shortcutting through construction zones.
  • Other delineation devices are easily knocked over by traffic or weather, whereas water-filled barricades are stable.
  • They positively delineate work zones at night and in bad weather.
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