MB 42×72 JSS

42″H x 72″L x 24″W
100 lbs empty, 1380 lbs full

Available Sizes:

  • .25″ wall
  • heavy duty .35″ wall ( 130 lbs. empty, 1410 lbs. full )
  • super heavy duty .5″ wall ( 170 lbs. empty, 1450 lbs. full )

NSN# 5660-01-466-5341
NSN# 5660-01-466-5339
NSN# 5660-01-466-5342
NSN# 5660-01-466-5343
NSN# 5660-01-466-5340

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This multi-purpose barricade’s large size makes it ideal for surrounding construction sites, access control points (ACP’s), and controlling crowds. It is lighter and more easily deployed than concrete road barriers, requiring only two people to set up.

The U-Connector

Our patented U-connector is used to lock the barricade line together. No other plastic barricade manufacturer can assure the well-fastened connection our barricades come with.

Additional Features

  • Barricades lock together using U-connector, which is set up underneath the barricades, so it’s tamper-resistant.
  • Accommodates warning lights.
  • Can be positioned individually or used in conjunction with U-connector placed under barricade to form a continuous wall.
  • At airports or other potential vehicular-attack targets, large, heavy barricades are easy to install and become formidable deterrents.
  • Not NCHRP-350 certified; not for use as a barrier or LCD for federally-funded road construction.
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