Rack System Guardrail

Choose between heavy duty or standard.

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Forget About Those Tight Corners

Protecting racks in high forklift traffic areas can be tricky. Rack Guards are designed with strength in mind. Perfect for protecting the ends of racks and walls from damage, rack guards can be customized to fit individual facility needs. This low maintenance guardrail system is sleeved in HDPE plastic, never needs to be painted and strong enough to withstand impact from forklift traffic.

Cost Savings

  • Withstands multiple impacts without damage
  • Never repair, never replace

Optimum Protection

  • Zero deflection on impact which maximizes floor space
  • Rounded end posts for high traffic forklift corners

Quick & Easy Installation

  • Arrives fully assembled to reduce installation costs
  • Surface-mounted or core-in install

Made of:

Heavy Rack Guardrail 

Pipe Post: 6″ schedule 40 pipe
Pipe Rail: 4″ schedule 40 pipe

Standard Rack Guardrail

Pipe Post: 4″ schedule 40 pipe
Pipe Rail: 2 1/2″ schedule 40 pipe

Sleeved In:

UV and antistatic treated 1/4″ polyethylene thermoplastic

Standard Heights:

24”, 36”, 42”
One and two line systems are available

Standard Lengths:

48”, 72”, 96”

Installation Options:

Core-in or plate-mount


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