Highway Guardrail

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Quick Highway Guardrail Protection

Stocks Class A 12 Gauge Highway Guardrail, Highway Barrier Rails, Galvanized Steel Posts (with and without base plates), Curly Ends, Flared Ends and Hardware. Our quick ship guard rails best utilized within a facility and in stock and ready to ship.

Standard Parts
In Stock

  • W-Beams
  • Galvanized Posts
  • Flared and Curly End

Ready to Ship

  • Standard parts are in stock and ready to ship
  • Ideal for small guarding jobs

Other Guarding Options

  • Standard Guardrail
  • Heavy Guardrail
  • Welded Steel Guardrail

W Beams:

Class A 12 Ga hot dip galvanized
Overall length 13′-6”
Post Spacing every 12′-6” or 6′-3”
Overall height 12 1/2”


Class A 12 Ga hot dip galvanized
6′ overall length
or 3′ with an 8X8 base plate

End Sections:

Class A 12 Ga hot dip galvanized
Curly Ends
Flared Ends
Corner Sections


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