Custom Guardrail Fabrication

Custom to your needs.

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Custom Guardrail Fabrication - Customize your next Guardrail!

We customize any guardrail system to fit your specific facility needs. We will work with you from concept to completion in designing the Guarding product you demand. We understand that time is money and with that in mind our seasoned production staff will ensure a quality product is delivered when you need it.

As a leading source for manufactured industrial guardrail products in the United States, has the resources and personnel to design the right safety guardrail product for you. Like all of Ideal Shield guardrail products, our HDPE plastic covers eliminate the need to paint! Contact one of our Ideal Shield Sales Associates today!

“Guardrail – the best, the strongest, and designed for your safety and protection.”

Swing Gate Guardrail

  • Custom application for forklift traffic
  • Easy for forklifts to gain access to machines and equipment

Removable Guardrail

  • Removable option for roll up trains and flatbed trailers for loading and unloading
  • Core-in system base with steel sleeve for easy in and out

Ultimate Guardrail

  • Combination handrail with lower guardrail protection
  • Affordable and customizable option for unique projects





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Wal-Mart needed a solution to allow for reliable forklift protection and easy access to forklift use. Ideal Shield created this swinging heavy duty guardrail gate which satisfied their needs. This was a unique job which required removable guardrail for its drop down pits within the train and flatbed trailer loading docks. Each guardrail section is removable. Utilizing a core in system the sections can be picked up by a forklift and dropped into steel sleeves attached to each guardrail section for temporary storage. Stopping forklifts from damaging costly facility machinery, this particular custom guardrail application was placed to provide ultimate protection. Still accessible, but with Ideal Shield guardrail, it will remain free from damages.





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Portsmouth Hospital needed guardrail that protected its dock doors but more importantly stopped trailers from hitting the wall which was causing vibration during surgeries on the floor above. Ideal Shield designed this solution with an additional leg for added strength and placed the system enough away from the building to keep the trailer from coming into contact with the wall. Tamis® Corp offers our guardrail system in powder coated options as well. If your company would prefer a powder coated finish instead of the guardrail sleeved in plastic, we can accommodate these requests. Unique installation for customer with three-line heavy guardrail base supporting attached wall system guardrail for additional protection against potential safety hazards.



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