MB 42×72 KT

42″H x 72″L x 24″W
130 lbs empty, 2200 lbs full

Available Sizes

  • .25″ wall
  • heavy duty .312″ wall (170 lbs. empty, 2240 lbs. full)

NSN# 5660-01-466-5339

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The Tut Block

Our largest barricade features a large volume design for greater water weight. Ideal for high threat and security applications. The heavy unit is fabricated for multiple deployments and maximum abuse.


U-connectors are placed underneath sections during installation. Once filled with water, the wall that is formed cannot be disassembled without emptying water out of each barricade.

U-connector assures barricades are tamper proof and will stay connected to each other.


Concrete barriers produce shrapnel when hit by bullets or affected by other explosions. Temporary water barriers offer protection without the hazards of flying concrete.

Additional Features

  • Barricades lock together using U-connector, which is set up underneath the barricades, so it’s tamper-resistant.
  • Where barricades are spaced, cables may be strung between barricades and stationary objects to form a continuous line of protection.
  • Cable capability can reduce lateral deflection and vehicle penetration.
  • Can be positioned individually or used in conjunction with U-connector placed under barricade to form a continuous, tamper-resistant wall.
  • Lights and reflective panels may be installed on the king tut style barricade.
  • At airports or other potential vehicular-attack targets, large, heavy barricades are easy to install and become formidable deterrents.
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