Sport Cones

Used for amusement parks, schools, parks, sports and similar.

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Colorful Sport Cones for Your Event

Sport cones are made from lightweight, durable injection-molded polyethylene. 18” height with a 12”x12” base. Ideal for amusement parks, schools, sporting events, parking lots and temporary, light traffic control. Special colors and stenciling available. (minimums required).

Sport Cone 5” Orange
Sport Cone 18” Red*
Sport Cone 18” White*
Sport Cone 18” Yellow*
Sport Cone 18” Blue*
Sport Cone 18” Green*
Sport Cone 18” Fluorescent Lime
Sport Cone 18” Fluorescent Orange*
Sport Cone 18” Black
Sport Cone 18” Fluorescent Pink

* High Moving Item

Enhance your event with our Colorful Sport Cones, the versatile solution for effective area delineation and traffic control. Constructed from lightweight yet robust injection-molded polyethylene, these cones promise durability and stability in various environments. Standing at an optimal height of 18 inches with a sturdy 12”x12” base, they are perfectly visible and reliable.

Our cones are the ideal choice for a multitude of settings, including amusement parks, schools, sporting events, and parking lots. They are particularly suited for managing temporary, light traffic, ensuring safety and organization with ease. Furthermore, we offer customization options to align with your specific needs. Choose from a range of special colors and add a unique touch with our stenciling service, available upon request (minimum quantities apply).

Invest in our Colorful Sport Cones to guarantee a safe, organized, and vibrant environment for your next event.


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