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N-Cade Narrow Sign Barricades

Designed to meet requirements of MUTCD specifications for barricade devices in narrow applications. Panel size: 24” H x 12” W. Available in two sizes: 36” (9lbs) and 44” (10lbs). Recessed weight cartridge area in legs. 100% Recyclable. Lights sold separately. NChRP-350 certified.

N-Cade 36” Egr Sheeting*
N-Cade 36” Plain
N-Cade 36” H.i. Sheeting
N-Cade 36” School Crossing Lime Sheeting
N-Cade 36” Pedestrian Warning Lime/Green
N-Cade 36” “Closed For Cleaning”
N-Cade 36” “Slippery When Wet”
N-Cade 44” Egr Sheeting*
N-Cade 44” H.i. Sheeting
N-Cade 44” Plain
N-Cade 44” “Closed For Cleaning”
N-Cade 44” “Caution” Lime
N-Cade 44” “Do Not Enter”
N-Cade 44” “Elevator Out Of Order”
N-Cade 44” “Keep Left” Arrow
N-Cade 44” “Keep Left/Keep Right” Non-Reflective
N-Cade 44” “Keep Right” Arrow
N-Cade 44” “Police Road Check Ahead” Non-Reflective
N-Cade 44” “Road Closed”
N-Cade 44” “Stop Police Check Point”*
N-Cade 44” “Slippery When Wet”*
N-Cade 44” “School X-Ing” Lime*
N-Cade 44” “Tree Work Ahead”
N-Cade 44” “Two Way Traffic Slow Down”
N-Cade 44” “Yield Truck Traffic”


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