Marathon Reflexite Reflective Roll – Up Sign

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Meets NCHRP-350 Certification and MUTCD standards. 36” or 48” lightweight roll-up signs that utilize Marathon Fluorescence, designed with technology to increase sign detection, especially in low-light conditions such as dawn, dusk and overcast days. Designed with micro-prismatic reflective sheeting bonded to a heavy-duty fiber-reinforced vinyl material. This construction will not delaminate and provides outstanding durability, legibility and long sign life. Easier to transport and only weigh 8 lbs. Sign will not wrinkle or crinkle and will maintain its legibility after multiple uses. Purchase with confidence: Marathon signs offer and unprecedented 3 YEAR WARRANTY on the material!

36” Be Prepared To Stop 48” Be Prepared To Stop
36” Construction Ahead 48” Construction Ahead
36” Detour Ahead 48” Detour Ahead
36” Flagger Ahead 48” Flagger Ahead
36” Flagger Ahead Symbol 48” Flagger Ahead Symbol
36” Fresh Oil 48” Fresh Oil
36” Men Working 48” Men Working
36” Men Working Symbol 48” Men Working Symbol
36” Merge Left Symbol 48” Merge Left Symbol
36” Merge Right 48” Merge Right
36” Merge Right Symbol 48” Merge Right Symbol
36” Mowing Ahead 48” Mowing Ahead
36” One Lane Road Ahead 48” One Lane Road Ahead
36” Rt Lane Closed Ahead 48” Rt Lane Closed Ahead
36” Rt Shoulder Closed 48” Rt Shoulder Closed
36” Road Closed Ahead 48” Road Closed Ahead
36” Road Construction Ahead 48” Road Construction Ahead
36” Road Work Ahead 48” Road Work Ahead
36” Slow 48” Slow
36” Survey Crew 48” Survey Crew
36” Survey Crew Ahead 48” Survey Crew Ahead
36” Utility Work Ahead 48” Utility Work Ahead
36” Work Area Ahead 48” Work Area Ahead
36” Workers Ahead 48” Workers Ahead


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