10″ Ribbed Decorative Bollard Cover

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Elegant Products, Affordable Prices

Decorative Bollard Covers enhance the aesthetics of security posts and steel bollards.  Decorative Covers are easy to install and are a fraction of the cost of expensive concrete and cast iron bollards.

Ribbed Decorative Bollards fit over 10” pipe and steel inserts are available to fit smaller pipe sizes.  Available in any color, Ribbed Decorative Bollard Covers are designed to match your building exterior or corporate branding needs.  Other 10” Decorative Cover designs include Cinco and Pawn.

Variety of Styles

  • Cinco
  • Pawn

Quality Product

  • High quality product at a reasonable price
  • Cost effective alternative to expensive concrete and cast iron bollards


  • Custom color matching available to meet facility branding needs
  • Steel insert available to fit smaller pipe sizes


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