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Silent Messenger

Vehicle Mount Message Board

Vehicle Mount Wimmer300P@72
Go to our Quick Guide to choose the right board, base, mount and options for your truck-mounted sign:
Mounts Mounting options include universal, pivoting, skid, roof and more. See diagram below, or read more about the options by downloading the literature.
Available Options and Upgrades:
Installation Kits
Self-contained portable or integrated, in-cab controls
Lifts Manual or powered
Battery Pack
Auxiliary battery pack (300/600 AH) Lead Acid or Gel-Cel
Battery Charge
45 amp 120 volt, 55 amp, 230 volt
Solar Power Kits
40 watt array for Arrow Panels, 80 watt or 120 watt array for Message Boards
Trucksilouettes Vehiclemount
Options for mounting:
  • SKID-MOUNT features a Fold-n-Go design, for any size Arrow or Message Board, with energy supplied by an onboard battery bank. Shown with 25-Lamp type B Arrow Panel
  • BED RAIL MOUNT features a Fold-n-Go design, for B or C size Arrow or Message Board. Shown with 78” x 46” Message Board
  • ROOF MOUNT can be mounted on any equipment, for B size Arrows or 30” x 40” Message Boards. Shown with 30” x 60” Message Board.