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Solar-Powered Portable Camera Tower


30 Foot Camera Tower Extended 1
30 Foot Camera Tower Extended
30 Foot Tower Folded For Transport1
30 Foot Tower Folded for Transport

This 30 foot solar-powered tower is designed to provide a stable and adjustable base for outdoor security. Easy to tow and set up, the SPCT-3000 is outfitted with a Bosch Autodome camera, and provide reliable observation for security, border control, law enforcement surveillance and work zone surveillance.

Tower 30 feet (914 cm)
Battery Charger 45 amp; recharges in less than 30 hours
Height operating maximum 30 feet (914 cm), minimum 13.5 feet
Width operating 139 inches (353 cm)
Length operating 119 inches (302 cm)
Height (transporting position) 85″ (216 cm)
Width (transporting position) 79 inches (201 cm)
Length (transporting position) 222 inches (564 cm)
Ground clearance 13 inches (33 cm) minimum
Weight 2,500 lbs. (1,136 kg.) maximum
Available Options
Auxiliary Battery Charger Upgrade 90 amp, 120 volt AC, 60 Hz – will recharge batteries in less than 18 hours
Battery Upgrade Flooded, Gel-Cell or AGM maintenance-free batteries – up to a total of 12 batteries
Vandal-Proof Battery Enclosures
Electric Brakes
Custom Colors

30 Foot Towers are also available with mounted Lights (SPLT-3000) or with a platform (SPTT-3000), ready for you to customize. SolarTech Engineers can design a custom mount for any communication device, satellite dish, radar or weather sensor. Just ask us: 800-475-5442