Warning Kits

Roadside Warning Kits for Safety

The Triangle Reflector Warning Kits meet or exceed all DOT FMvSS125 requirements, thus ensuring that your fleet and the motoring public have the finest product available. The triangle’s wire form support guarantees tilt compliance of 40 mph wind test. Opaque container protects fluorescent color from UV deterioration. The unique living hinge box, wire support, and tabs are available. The living hinge box ensures that the lid won’t separate from the box. A heavier weighted base ensures that triangles won’t move by wind gusts caused by passing traffic. Furthermore, it guarantees compliance to Federal Specifications. Air flow louvers allow for lower wind resistance. The Triangle Reflector Warning Kits meet and exceed all DOT standards and requirements of FMVSS 125. The unique One-Piece living hinge box allows for thousands of openings and closings and eliminates all hinge problems that the industry has faced for years.

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