SPCT-3000 Solar Powered Portable Camera Tower


Three stage Telescoping and Rotating Mast of galvanized steel with inter-stage roller bearing technology and variable mast deployment height. Mast can be raised to any height between 13.5’ (min.) and 30’ (max.) and is stable at any height.

Truly Solar Powered: Continuous, year-round, uninterrupted power source capable of providing a minimum of 950 watt-hours per day of electrical power (nominal 75 amp hours per day at 12.5 volts DC)

Portable: Tower system can be towed to any location for temporary surveillance

Heavy-Duty: All steel trailer frame construction

Sturdy polyethylene fenders and lockable battery compartment

Torsion-type axle for a smooth, stable ride

Four (4) 3,000 lb. swivel jacks for easy leveling and setup

Polyamide Epoxy primer for excellent rust and corrosion protection

Acrylic Urethane finish for excellent appearance and durability

Five Year Warranty!

ISO 9001:2015 Certified Design and Manufacturing – the ulitmate in quality assurance

Tower With A Camera Folded